Our Sacred Fellowship Ministries Membership Experience allows you to connect with a community of believers.

We perform baptisms into the Body of Christ; new members and spiritual gifts classes, as well as spiritual development classes. 

Membership Experience

 At Sacred Fellowship Ministries we believe, that God loves everyone unconditionally and has no respecter of persons; therefore, membership in Sacred Fellowship Ministries is not based on heritage, sexual orientation, age, intelligence, or knowledge of the Bible.  

Membership is solely contingent upon your choice to believe in the eternal existence of God the Father/Mother, God the Son/Daughter, and God the Holy Spirit. 

Membership Process

 Membership Orientation

All member candidates are asked to complete a series of Orientation Classes (3 sessions), prior to becoming a member. These classes will assist the new member with understanding what Salvation truly means as well as how to become true Disciples for God. The classes are: Salvation, Discipleship, The Church and Spiritual Gifts, and Stewardship. Orientation classes are available for adults and youth.

Classes are scheduled on Sundays as needed. 

Life After Joining


New Member Expectations

We think it is important and exciting to celebrate our newest members. Once a new member has completed the New Members Orientation classes, they will receive their New Member Certificate. We look forward to your regular attendance in worship service. You are expected to invite others to attend, welcome those who visit,be the eyes, ears and hands for Christ, and offer assistance to those in need.

Continuing Bible Education Classes

We believe that it is important as a believer, to continue to grow in the knowledge and understanding of the Word of God. As a result, we provide Sacred Text Study. 


If you have never experienced and regenerated life through acceptance of Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord, you may, upon the profession of your faith in Him, become a candidate for Baptism according to the Scriptures.